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At The Heart of the Quebec UNESCO World Heritage Site


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les Propriétaires

The Owners
The owners of la Maison Ursulines

We spent our honeymoon here and fell completely in love with the Old City and it's residents ...very European in outlook and lifestyle with an underlying appreciation for the States. We then returned during the Winter Carnival and found la Maison Ursulines.


Having been a design consultant for many, many years and with Cindy's highly successful career in real estate; we immediately knew how special la Maison Ursulines was.

It has become a wonderful get-away for us and family. It has also been our pleasure to open la Maison Ursulines to our friends, business associates, philanthropic guests for the last  21+ years.

​As our personal guests, we look forward to you also enjoying all that la Belle Ville de Quebec has to offer with la Maison Ursulines being your  "home base." Please don't hesitate to contact me at and please don't hesitate to reach-out with any questions or suggestions.

Best wishes, Cindy and Paul Tetreault, Owners

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