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At The Heart of the Quebec UNESCO World Heritage Site

la Résidence

The Residence


A grand, 2010+ square foot, 11 room private residence with three spacious bedrooms, formal private entry foyer, formal living room, formal dining room (with seating for eight), a dedicated library / office, two full baths (one Includes a refurbished antique claw-foot tub with telephone shower), a dedicated library / office, full kitchen with Thermodore grill-top kitchen stove, in-residence washer / dryer, wireless WIFI and so much more.


The residence's Amenities

le Grand Niveau / the Grand Level

le Niveau de Sommeil / The Sleeping Level

Lower Town View_edited.jpg

Réglementation de location
Quebec City Rental Regulations

La Ville de Quebec recognizes la Maison Ursulines as a private vacation residence, able to accommodate family, friends, business associates, and philanthropic guests in accordance with city regulations.
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