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With next door "neighbors" including the 1804 Holy Trinity Cathedral (modeled on London's St. Martin-In-The-Fields and the oldest Anglican church outside of Great Britain) just across the square, the 1722 Ursulines Chapel, Museum and Monastery right across the street, the world famous Musee d'art Inuit Brousseau at the end of the street, Battlefields Park (the worlds' tenth largest city park) just up the hill, Notre-Dame Basilica just down the street ...and Restaurant Aux Anciens Canadiens (the oldest building in the province known as la Maison Jaquet) simply around the corner; these vacation residences are at the heart of la Belle Ville de Quebec's historical treasurers and destinations.

Shopping, dining, museums and cultural events are less than a block away South on rue Ste Louis or North on rue Ste Anne.

For the best in fresh meats, Quebec cheeses and produce, snacks, a good bottle of wine or a great selection of beers and fresh baguettes and croissants; a great deli (only one in Upper Town) is just two doors away. (I've been known to shuffle to the deli in my house-slippers; using it as la Maison Ursulines' own "private" pan-tree.)

These images were all captured within 1/4 mile of la Maison Ursulines.


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Quebec City Vacation Home Rental
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