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la Maison Ursulines has been prestigiously awarded by The WHSVRO (World Heritage Site Vacation Residence Organization), FlipKey, VRBO, Home Away and Tripadvisor for it's location, authenticity, amenities, decor, service and value.

These recognitions are particularly welcome because, unlike many other Quebec City vacation accommodations, la Maison Ursulines was not merely reclaimed as just another "New York City loft".



La Maison Ursulines' Grand Residence restoration / renovation brief included the paramount need to retain as much of the residence's historic character as possible.

The current Maison Ursulines is the third structure built by the Ursulines on this site. Some of the stone walls, lintels and structural arches date back to the first structure built in the early 1600s.



The additional effort and expense resulted in an environment which graciously includes the footprint and details of a centuries-old grand in-town residence while incorporating modern amenities.

Restoration examples include:

- The full bath on the Sleeping Level was the residence's original "keep", where vegetables and foodstuffs were stored for the long winter. (The inset surrounding the vanity mirror was once access to the town home's kitchen.)

- The master bedroom was once the town home's kitchen; the massive brick fireplace and hearth was carefully preserved, it's now behind the large hanging drapery.

- The residence's original living and formal dining room were restored and refined. (The living room's coal burning fireplace was once a rare extravaganza.) 


- The servant's stairway leading from the Grand Level to the Sleeping Level was lovingly preserved. (The carved pine banister dates back to one of the two earlier homes built on this site.)

- The Grand Residence's Grand Level hardwood floors are antique narrow-strip Canadian maple, dating back to the early 1800s and they too were carefully restored.


- Lintel beams dating back to the early 1600s in the Sleeping Level were carefully exposed and finished to their original condition (dating back to the original structure.)


- Long-covered stone walls on the Sleeping Level were repointed. Interior stone walls were also sealed ...a process not applicable to exterior facing walls.

- The Grand Level plaster cornice moldings dating back to the mid 1800s were carefully restored to their original Greek Revival designs.


We are grateful to the City of Quebec's Architect of the Old City and his staff, the UNESCO WHSVR Organization and others for their understanding and appreciation of the difficulty in restoring and renovating a historically significant residence while melding the old and new together into a cohesive, inviting and functioning environment.


Guests at la Maison Ursulines find themselves immersed in the surrounding UNESCO World Heritage Site neighborhood while residing in a completely renovated residence that retains its historical roots our opinion, the best of both worlds.

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