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an exclusive vacation home at the Heart of Old Quebec and the UNESCO World Heritage Site


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La Maison Ursulines; an exclusive, private apartment vacation home in an historically significant Greek Revival building at the center of the Quebec City UNESCO World Heritage Site.​ Available only as a non-commercial basis,, we have been opening our vacation home to family, friends, business associates and occasional philanthropic guests for 21+ years.


La Maison Ursulines is located on a quiet side street directly facing la Place des Tourangeiles. Within steps of the Old City's favorite attractions and destinations (see UNESCO Site Neighborhood page), within the city's ancient rampart fortifications and at the center of Old Quebec's historic architectural treasures ...only two doors from Richard's, Upper Town's only deli / grocery and one block away from optional secure, climate-controlled parking at the City Hall Complex.​​


The current private residence is the third building to be built by The Ursulines on this central Upper Town location; the first dating back to the early to mid 1600s.​ Some of the exposed stone walls and lintels in the Sleeping Level date back to mid 1600s, when the first building was constructed on this site.

About la Maison Ursulines


Prix de Distinction / Awards of Distinction

la Maison Ursulines has been prestigiously awarded by The WHSVRO (World Heritage Site Vacation Residence Organization) for its location, and authenticity, amenities.

These recognitions are particularly welcome because, unlike many other Quebec City vacation apartments, la Maison Ursulines was not merely reclaimed as just another "New York City loft".


La Maison Ursulines' Grand Residence restoration / renovation brief included the paramount need to retain as much of the residence's historic character as possible.

The current Maison Ursulines is the third structure built by the Ursulines on this site. Some of the stone walls, lintels and structural arches date back to the first structure built in the early 1600s.


Nos procédures de nettoyage

Our Cleaning Procedures

At la Maison Ursuline, we have a professional cleaning team with written industry-approved procedures, including the use of a commercial laundry that is healthcare industry certified.


We also use additional cleaning solutions for all work and touch surfaces.


Our aim is for our family, friends, and business associates to always feel "chez nous" ... at home at la Maison Ursulines.

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