​Maison Ursulines Vacation Rental in Quebec City

Thank you for your interest in la Maison Ursulines; an exclusive and historically significant Greek Revival building at the center of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

La Maison Ursulines was one of the first buildings built in Upper Town (within the rampart walls). Some of the building's stone walls and hand-hued lintels date back to the mid 1600s.

la Maison Ursulines, is at the heart of la Belle Ville de Quebec's UNESCO World Heritage Site, within the city's ancient fortifications and at the center of Upper Town's historic architectural treasures.

The residence is directly adjacent to the Ursulines Monastery and Chapel and directly across the square from the Holy Trinity Anglican Cathedral; the first to be build outside of England.,

​Quebec City Regulations   The City of Quebec limits the number of rentals a private residence may have within any 31 day period.

Your receiving a registration from la Maison Ursulines after submitting an Information Request indicates that the Grand Residence or Intimate Retreat may currently accommodate you within the city's private residence rental regulations.

We encourage friends and guests to reserve their dates at la Maison Ursulines, or any where in la Belle Ville de Quebec as early as possible.